Zoom and see this wedding card. Bride’s father printed something weird on her daughter’s wedding card that is going viral!


Today we are going to tell you about something interesting that will make you think twice. Yes! This bride’s father has printed something weird on her own daughter’s wedding card which is getting buzzed on social media.

yuvraj pokharna and sakshi agrawal marriage card

You must be thinking, the groom must have done something romantic for his bride. But this is not true! Seriously, Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kabhi. Let me tell you that this craziness is not for any girlfriend but for the country’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Everyone is familiar with the popularity of PM Modi, but this couple who is going to get married has done something weird that will convince you that she is a big fan of BJP and PM Modi.

yuvraj pokharna and sakshi agrawal marriage card

In Gujarat, a couple has not only given the picture of God Ganesha in their marriage card but has also appealed to the people to support BJP and PM Modi.

Not only this, the couple also requested the guests to use only Namo App for giving money. If you are thinking that the thing ends here, then let us tell you that this couple has also shared the information related to Rafale Deal in their wedding card.

yuvraj pokharna and sakshi agrawal marriage card

The wedding card usually has the name of Lord Ganesha’s photo and bride groom’s name, and it is also said that you should come to this wedding and bless the couple, but this couple has made their wedding card very different and weird. The couple name is Yuvraj and Sakshi. They have given information regarding Rafale deal on their marriage card and wrote that their biggest wedding gift would be if PM Narendra Modi is voted.

In the card about Rafale, it has been written that even a fool can also compare the price of a simple flyaway with a weaponized jet. There are further things written in the card which tell that PM Modi is innocent in this whole case. It has also been informed in the card that why the Reliance Defense has been selected for the offset contract. With this, people are expected to read this card and also vote for PM Modi. An example of how popular PM Modi is, we have seen many times, but such popularity will hardly be for any PM.

PM Modi Should Get Vote:

yuvraj pokharna and sakshi agrawal marriage card

This couple wants PM Modi to become the Prime Minister of the country in 2019. Although this is not the first time that any couple is demanding this. Previously, Dhuval and Jiya, from Surat, had also demanded to vote for PM Modi in the Gift. Congress President Rahul Gandhi is constantly attacking PM Modi over the price of the aircraft, so the couple from Surat has defended them with their wedding card.

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