You must not sit in the washroom for a long time. Here is why!


You must not sit in the washroom for a long time. Here is why!

Many of us spend a lot of time sitting on a toilet seat in a washroom. Not because you are having trouble getting refreshed, but many of us have a habit of sitting on a toilet seat lost in phone surfing or are busy playing video games.

Some people even carry a newspaper along with them in the washroom. Too many people go to the toilet for a break where people like to relax and love their favorite work, such as games, reading or chatting without any interference. But you may be surprised to know that spending more time on the toilet seat is not only dangerous for your health but also can be serious.

What experts have to say:


Experts say that you should not be spent more than 10 minutes in the washroom. If you are spending much time in the washroom then there is a risk of getting too many infections.

Bacteria and germs:

If you are sitting on the toilet seat and using your phone then it can make you more sensitive to your body by reaching 18 times more bacteria and germs.


You should not sit in the toilet seat for a long time, because of this you may get piles, and blood vessels can emerge from the front of the anus. You may not be sure, but yes, it happens.


The problem with pooping, which is the biggest reason for this, due to which you should not sit in the restroom for a long time as this causes pressure on your rectum. Most of the time it has a bearing on your bowling movement. For as long as you stay in the bathroom, you have to keep your rectum nerves under control, which has an effect on your rectum. Because of which you may have difficulty stopping the bowel.

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