World Malaria’s Day: Best Home Remedies To Cure Malaria


World Malaria’s Day: Best Home Remedies To Cure Malaria Fever at Home.

The change in weather leads to the growth of more mosquitoes and flies. And in summer its very difficult to protect yourself from harmful diseases and mosquito bites. Mosquito bites are prone to many diseases, the most dangerous is Malaria. According to researchers, the number of malaria cases has increased rapidly due to temperature rise. When people are affected by malaria, there is high fever with the cold due to which the person becomes very weak, so it is very important to take care of yourself in the changing season. A slight negligence can take you into the grip of malaria. But today we are going to tell you some ways that you can get relief from malaria fever very soon. Here we have listed the Best Home Remedies To Cure Malaria Fever at Home.

1. Basil Tea:

In malaria, consumption of Basil or Tulsi tea is said to be very beneficial. If you have the fever due to malaria, then drink tea of Tulsi, add clove and black pepper in it.

2. Neem:


Neem has many types of medicinal elements in it. It also treats many kinds of diseases, especially its bark is used to treat malaria and skin related diseases. Mix neem leaves, basil leaves, and 1 teaspoon lemon juice together and make chutney and eat it in the morning and evening, you will get relief from malaria fever.

3. Ginger:


Ginger has many health benefits. It is a common and popular remedy for prevention of malaria. If you are suffering from malaria fever, boil ginger in water and drink like a syrup, the immune system is promoted. There is an active ingredient present in ginger, in which hydrocarbon present in it stimulates antibacterial and anti-inflammatory activities in the body. This is a very effective natural remedy.

4. Alum (Fitkari):


Roast alum in a pan and make a powder. Drink half a tablespoon of powder 3hrs before fever with water. After taking this medicine every second hour, the fever disappears.