Roger Federer, The Man Who Won the Most Wimbledon Titles.

Tennis Players With Most Number Of Wimbledon Titles

Federer has won the maximum number of Wimbledon titles. He has 8 Wimbledon titles to his name and more grand slams than any other player.

Roger Federer, the swiss maestro has a record of 20 grand slam titles till date over a period of 15 years. The legend started his journey two decades back. He was talented but untested, stood against the greatest of that time Pete Sampras when he was just 19 in 2001, this would be the only time they faced each other on the court. In the 5 set thrilling match, Federer achieved his victory which ended Sampras 31 match winning streak. This is where he came into limelight.

Won the Most Wimbledon Titles.

Sampras said, “There are a lot of good players coming up, and Roger is one of them, But I think he is a little more extra special than the other guys.”

Federer then took two years to win his first Wimbledon grand slam in 2003. He then was invincible on and off the court and there was no turning back for him. But soon two other legends were introduced to give him a tough competition, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic, still Federer stood tall.

Roger Federer

He has won a greater number of grand slams than any other male player and has been World No 1 for a record of 310 weeks. However, Nadal is right behind him with 19 slams and Djokovic at 17. Federer who is 38 now has been knocked down quite a few times by these young players. 

It isn’t just about winning titles, but also the quality of game which Federer has proven over and over, he has won 10 titles on three different surfaces. He is undoubtedly the greatest on turf. Of lately he has not been winning slams due to various knee and back injuries but he the amount of tennis that he has played and the titles he has won at that age calls for greatness.

The grace with which he plays and the movement on the turf, are highly impeccable. He makes high tariff ground strokes look like a walk in the park.