Woman Earns In Lakhs By selling Her Urine. For 2 Drops She Charges 25 Dollars.


Woman Earns In Lakhs By selling Her Urine. For 2 Drops She Charges 25 Dollars.

Nowadays people are eager to earn money. Because for the money is everything. They come out with some weird trick to earn money. You must have heard about the frauds that are happening and how people are earning money. You cant believe that at what extent people can go for earning money.

Such an idea came to the mind of a college girl. Although this case is a little old. By just sitting at home she was earning about $ 200 a day or 12 thousand rupees.

Yes! You Heard This Right!

But when people came to know how this girl is doing business then people were stunned. In fact, the girl was earning millions of rupees after selling her positive pregnancy urine and that also by just sitting at home. Let’s know the whole matter, how did she sell her urine? And why would people buy her urine?

Read The Full Story:

A pregnant College Girl living in Florida, USA, two years ago had advertised the sale of her urine on an online add-on service. She had written that I am 3 months pregnant and whoever wants to use my positive pregnancy test and urine in any way I can make all these available to them. For One and two drops of urine and 25 dollars for the test will be charged. After the viral effect of the advertisement, a huge number of women gathered to buy her urine.

For Blackmailing:

Blackmail was done by the girls on showing the positive pregnancy test with the help of this urine who refuse to marry them and want the divorce. So that they can make emotional pressure on them.

This Girl Says:

Although the girl who sold the urine said that what people do with her urine, she does not know. But there was a lot to earn from this. All this she did to fill the college fees.

A news channel decided to do a sting operation when they saw this online ad. When the undercover agent met a reporter girl, the whole case came out. The girl said on camera that she earns around Rs. 12 thousand every day.