Why you should avoid eating green leafy vegetables in monsoon.


Why you should avoid eating green leafy vegetables in monsoon.

If you have heard about the benefits of eating green leafy vegetables, it provides nutrients like proteins, calcium and iron to our body. But you will not know that in the monsoon, green leafy vegetables should be avoided eating, because in this season many types of insects start growing in green vegetables, which increase the risk of infection in the stomach.

The monsoon season is called the home of diseases, so by taking special care of food this season, you can save yourself from diseases in this season.

Insects and Bacteria:

During the monsoon, worms make their home in green leafy vegetables. These worms and bacteria are so subtle that they are not easily seen. In green vegetables like cauliflower, spinach and broccoli, insects and macaws enter inside. Which are not easily visible. So if you have to eat these vegetables then put them in hot water with salt before cooking and boil them and then cook.

No Sunlight:

During the monsoon, green leafy vegetables do not get sunlight properly, which leads to accumulation of germs in them. By consuming these vegetables, these viruses enter the body, causing many types of infectious diseases. It also reduces the energy level of our body, and the digestive system is disturbed.

Dirts are accumulated:

In monsoon, dirts are accumulated in vegetables, which does not even go away by washing. Therefore it is necessary to wash them in hot water before eating. Then they should be used. They should also cook well in high flame, then only eat them or there may be infection in the stomach.

Infections caused by dirty water:

Green vegetables are often grown in the ground water. Many bacteria grow due to rain water. These vegetables, which are produced in water, are very much at risk of getting infections.

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