Why Deepak Kalal was Beaten in Delhi, Check here


Comedian, Entertainer and Controversial King Deepak Kalal’s name is once Again at Top headlines, but this time it’s not because of controversial queen ,Rakhi Sawant, who had announced her fake marriage on social media on November 2018, to gain views on social media sites.

A video of Deepak Kalal being crushed up by the manager of Rapper Fazilpuria has created it to social media and it’s gone viral currently. In this video, a person named Deepak Nandal, beside his friends, is seen beating up the India’s Got Talent eight fame comedian Deepak Kalal on the streets of Gurugram. Not simply that, Nandal took his audacity to a full new level by LIVE streaming the video of him bashing Kalal, on his Instagram page.

The infective agent video shows however Kalal is solicitation Nandal to indicate some mercy on him whereas Nandal and his friends were coercing Kalal to create a promise that he would quit comedy on social media. Deepak may be seen crying with closed hands and at a degree he even touches Nandal’s feet and asks him to prevent symptom him.

Deepak Nandal is actually a Music producer who has apparently worked on popular Bollywood songs like Jimmy Choo and
Badshah’s Chull .

Actually this video was fully scripted. The main reason of this video was to gain more views on youtube . As it has already crossed more than 800k views. Here comes the question why Deepak Nandal was involved in this Scripted Video, Answer is ” Deepak Nandal was thinking to make himself famous , so he joined deepak kalal,s Publicity stunt video.

Another proof , is that , Deepak kalal repeated Deepak Nandal,s Name several times in the live video .

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