When Traffic Police Became Yamraj To teach the public safety rules. Must watch.


When Bengaluru Traffic Police Became Yamraj To teach the public safety rules. Must watch.

If you have life, then you have everything! You must have heard this! Even after this, many of us ignore traffic rules by negligence and break them. Knowing that these traffic rules have been made by the government for our own well-being.

The Bangalore Police has found an unsurpassed way to increase awareness of traffic senses and rules in people. The Bangalore Police has recognized July as a road safety month and in this month, they want to warn people against the rules of driving. The traffic police of Bangalore has made Yamraj its brand ambassador to tell about the dangers of not wearing helmets and ignoring other rules of driving.

You will be shocked, how did it happen! Lord Yamraj is himself helping in this great cause.

Actually, the police have transformed himself into the form of Yamraj and became the brand ambassador, who was seen explaining the traffic rules on the streets of Bangalore.

Yamraj, the god of death, went to the house of the people living near the town hall of Bangalore and warned them about traffic rules. A policeman was seen wearing clothes like Yamraj, in which the traditional golden dress is worn like Yamraj.

In this incarnation of his, he is telling people about the punishment and the dangers of breaking the rules. They are warning people to follow the traffic rules and drive safely. People who are riding fast on road were also warned.

Unique Innovation:

This unique initiative of warning the public by the Bengaluru Police may work. This exciting and unique idea can reduce the number of accidents. These unique promotions have been run to tell the pedestrians and motorists about the safety rules of traffic.

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