What? Whatsapp planning to leave India? Know the whole story behind this.


If you are shocked by reading the news of Whatsapp going away from India, then let me tell you that nothing like this is going to happen at the moment. However, Whatsapp is a bit worried about the government’s demands.

For now, Whatsapp is not going from India. However, if this situation continues then Whatsapp may decide to leave India. But doing so would be a big step for the company and the company would also have to undergo the loss.

Whatsapp Head of Communications Carl Woog has given a statement to IANS that:

‘The demand for end-to-end encryption of the Indian government is not in the interest of the users using Whatsapp in the world. This will disrupt user privacy. With this in order to bring such a rule, the company will have to rebuild the whole product. The process is going on to talk about it. ”

This statement does not mean that Whatsapp is going to go from India.

But the relationship between Whatsapp and the Indian government is not going well. With this, let’s tell you that the complete model of Whatsapp is based on end-to-end encryption. Removing this will mean that the popularity of Whatsapp in India will remain intact, it is a bit difficult to say.

Whatsapp has 200 million users in India, so leaving such a large market will not be beneficial for the company. The reason for the problem between Whatsapp and the government is the fast-spreading news on this app, which is becoming difficult for the government to stop with Whatsapp’s privacy model. That’s because Whatsapp does not share information or public information about its users.

The government says that they do not want to read the message of the user but wants a feature that allows the Law Agency to access or trace the original sender of Whatsapp messages. But Whatsapp says that this will impact on end-to-end descriptors.

Now we can only wish that the conflict between Whatsapp and the Indian Government reaches on some good conclusion.

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