What? In this city you can get a girlfriend for just Rs. 10?


Are You Single? Now You Can Rent A Girlfriend For Just Rs.10 In This City.

Most of the people don’t like being single. Because today whoever you see, you will find them with their boyfriend or committed. The single people always look at couples and wish to have someone with whom they can also share their feelings. There are many people who are very bad at proposing girls.

If you do not speak openly, then you have difficulty in proposing someone and in this case you remain single.

But if you get a chance to spend some time with a beautiful girl only in 10 rupees? Then?

Yes! You heard it right. This news is true. Now you can get girlfriends at just Rs. 10. This news is becoming very viral on social media nowadays. You must be excited to know the complete information about this news. So here we end the suspense.

This place is in China:

You will be quite sad to know that this place is not located in India but in Guangdong in South China. Here in the ‘The Vitality City in Huayin City’, the young and beautiful models stand in the podium.

What is the complete concept:

Any man can come here and make their girlfriends by giving just Rs.10 to his favorite girl and can make her his girlfriend for 20 minutes. What a great offer!!

Offer Information:

To get this Golden Offer, men will have to scan a QR code on their chosen mobile phone and pay the money. Once the QR code is scanned, then the man can roam with that girl around the mall and the store and can also do shopping. You can also take the rented girlfriends on a lunch date. If you want to spend more than 20 minutes with that girl, then you have to make a payment again.

This Offer Is Not So Easy:

Taking any girl from here is not so easy. After taking a girl on rent, you can just move around the shopping complex. Apart from this, you can not touch the girl without her permission.

So are you ready?

If you also want to spend time with a girl for 20 minutes in just Rs.10, then you can also come to this beautiful city of China.

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