Want To Stop Smoking But Not Able To? These Home Tips Will Surely Help You.


Want To Stop Smoking But Not Able To? These Ayurvedic Home Tips Will Surely Help You.

Today mostly everyone smokes. Especially youngsters. This is like a trend for the new generation people. And most of the people are addicted to it. We all know addiction is very bad. It can really ruin the life completely. Smoking is very harmful to our health. Even it packaging box too explains its effect but people are so much addicted to it that they can’t say NO to smoking.

In one of the research, it has been proved that Indians are at the forefront of smoking. A person smokes about 8.2 cigarettes throughout the day, which is very dangerous according to the health.

Consumption of these harmful tobacco leads to serious health problems. Smoking is considered to be a  slow poison which slowly damages the parts of the body.

With Continous smoking, the poisonous element, nicotine get consumed by the body which leads to the possibility of mouth, throat, respiratory and lung cancer in the body, diseases of the heart, hypertension, stomach ulcers, acidity, insomnia etc. One of the main reasons for growing mouth and lung cancer in our country is smoking and Tobacco.

Many people want to quit smoking but they can’t because addiction to anything is very hard to leave.

But do not worry, today we are going to tell you some ayurvedic home remedies that will surely help you to quit smoking:


Cinnamon helps in reducing the addiction to tobacco. Whenever you have a craving for smoking or tobacco or related things, then you take a piece of cinnamon and keep sucking for a while. This will help you to quit smoking.

Extracts Of Grapes:

This is of basic alkalinity, which reduces acidity in the blood and protects the lungs and the body from the harm caused by smoking.

Copper Utensils:

Drinking water kept in copper containers helps in the removal of toxic accumulation in the body and with the duration of time, the desire to smoke or tobacco is also reduced.


Honey contains vitamins, enzymes, and proteins that will help ease the habit of smoking habits. Always use pure honey because it will get a good result.

Basil leaves:

Chewing Basil leaves leads to less craving for smoking or use of tobacco, take 2-3 basil leaves every morning and evening and chew them. By doing so, your smoking addiction will go.

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