Want To Reduce Your Tummy Fat? Follow These 2 Easy Exercises.


Want To Reduce Your Tummy Fat? Follow These 2 Easy Exercises.

Who does not want to look fit? Especially girls are too sensitive about their looks. They want to look perfectly fit and beautiful. But due to the unbalanced lifestyle, people now a days tends to gain weight. This not only makes them look ugly but they cannot even wear the dress of their choice. Big tummy is a result of improper diet, lifestyle, eating food habits, etc.

Many of us are very health conscious. We want to look perfect so we join gym, follow a proper diet and avoid eating junk foods. But its not always possible. Smoking, drinking too leads to increase in tummy fat. But if you really want to lose weight then you have to work hard.

So Today we are going to tell you about 5 Exercises which will help you to reduce your Tummy Fat.

1. Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose)

First of all select a clean airy place for the Bhujangasana. After that lay down on the mat on your stomach. Then spread both the legs long and well. And put chin on the ground. Keep both hands on the ground, keeping both the elbows tied with ribs on both sides. (Note- Remember that your hands should be straight touching the ground, and both the elbows should be straight and twisted).

While doing Bhujangasana, take special care of the fact that both the hands should have the claws, always under the shoulders (on the ground). Now place your head on the floor. And then by closing your eyes and then slowly take the breath slowly raise the chin, then lift the neck towards the sky. Then lift your chest up slowly. And then lift your stomach portion slowly.

Note: Pregnant women should not do this.

2. Balasana:

Sit on your ankles, place the heel on the hips, lean forward and place the forehead to the ground.
Keep the hands moving from both sides of the body to the front, the palm towards the sky (if it is not comfortable, then keep the forehead resting by placing the second palm over the palm.)
Gently press the chest on the thighs.
Gently rise and sit on the heel and gently straighten the spinal cord. Take rest.