Want to invite Bollywood stars at your wedding? This is how much they charge.


Want to invite Bollywood stars at your wedding? This is how much they charge.

Many of us want to meet our favorite celebrities. But how it would be if they are present at your wedding or any functions? We all know that Bollywood celebrities earn millions of rupees from a single movie. But only movies are not the source of the earning of these Celebs. These stars also make good money through advertising, events and ribbon cutting etc.

Not only this, these celebs also attend Private Parties and big fat Weddings. In some weddings, they also perform. For all these things, the Celebs take a fixed amount. Also, there are different rates for all the work, such as going to weddings, dancing, taking photographs, meeting the parents of the couple, or standing with them. All this happens according to the contract.

Want to know how much they charge?

Experts believe that calling Celebs in private events shows the person’s financial power. These stars also change their work schedule when they receive a huge amount.

If you are planning to call a celeb in any wedding or event, then you must know the price they charge.

Salman Khan:

Sallu Bhai is not so expensive in this case. For Salman Khan, charge 1.5 crores for parties, 2 crores for weddings, for events like ‘Innaugration’ he takes up to 1 crore.

Priyanka Chopra:

Priyanka has now become an international star and she is seen rare in Bollywood. When PC participates in the event, She takes up to 50 lakh for the party, 1 crore for marriage and 25 lakh for the engagement etc.

Akshay Kumar:

Now comes our Khiladi Akshay Kumar. He charges 1.5 crores for Parties, 2.5 crores for weddings and 1.30 crore for events like engagement.

Katrina Kaif:

If you talk about this British-Indian actress, then she takes up to 60 lakh rupees to go to the party. Apart from this, Kat charges 1.5 crores for attending the marriage and 30 lakhs for other events.

Deepika Padukone:


Deepika Padukone is considered to be one of the most talented and beautiful actresses of Bollywood. Deepika Padukone is often seen in the events. Deepika charges up to Rs 20 lakh to attend these events. Also, in case of special appeal or dance performances in weddings, Miss Padukone charges up to 1 crore.

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