Video: Pakistani youth was riding a bike with Cow sitting in the front seat.


In the social media, a video is getting viral, and everyone who is watching this video is not able to control his laugh. This video is being told of Pakistan. In which a man is seen riding a cow on a bike.

This video is getting shared by many peope on social media. In this trending video you can see a man riding a bike with a cow in the front seat. Trollers are enjoying watching this Pakistani jugaad.

Video: Pakistani youth was riding a bike with Cow sitting in the front seat.

It can be seen in the video that a person is going on a bike, he is wearing a kurta pajama. Looking at his clothes, you can imagine that this person is from Pakistan. This person is holding a cow in the front seat of his bike. There are two bike riders running in the same, who are making a video of this person and are laughing at him.

Users started Trolling:

The person is seen very comfortable in riding the bike with a cow. Seeing this video, social media users are giving different opinions.

“This is illegal on so many counts! At the very least, driving laws and animal protections law!” read one of the comments. 

One user wrote, “The animal is frightened..poor soul!! Humans are monsters!! “Welcome to Pakistan! Bring your cows, pigs, donkeys, and monkeys with you for an amazing bike ride!” said another. “Extremely dangerous; no helmets for starters. The calf appears docile but one bit of panic could prove fatal. But I love it,” another user commented on Twitter.

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