Video- Bottle Cap Challenge: This challenge once again gets viral on social media. Celebs completed this challenge.


There is a challenge trending once again on social media these days that has become very popular among the people. Let me tell you that after Kiki Challenge and Ice Bucket Challenge, here comes bottle cap challenge. If you are active on social media, then you can see the videos of people trying to complete this challenge.

This challenge is becoming viral on social media. Also, the craze for this challenge is seen in Bollywood too. Many of Bollywood’s Celebs have shared their videos on social media with this challenge.

But do you know from where this challenge arrived?

Actually this challenge has been started by Tajikistan Champion Farabi Davletchin of Kazakhstan. While doing this challenge, he first shared his video on social media and with this post, he had challenged two more people, including actor Jackie Chan and Josan.

Although Farabi wanted to name the Challenge as ‘Fara Kicks Challenge’, but its name got changed as soon as it got viral.

Actually in this challenge, you have to drop the bottle lid while kicking with your feet. And that too, due to this challenge, the bottle lid is to be thrown down by hitting a reverse kick. Even though it seems easy to see this challenge and you feel that fitness is only necessary for this.

But in reality to take this challenge, trick is also required even with fitness. These days, this challenge is trending on social media. Talking about Bollywood actors, Akshay Kumar also shared his video while doing this challenge. In this video, Akshay Kumar is seen wearing a black color outfit.

Apart from Akshay Kumar, Tiger Shroff has also completed this challenge. Although Tiger has taken this challenge a step forward, Tiger has completed this challenge by covering his eyes. Tiger has put a red strip on his eye and he is opening a bottle of Pepsi bottle while doing a reverse kick.

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