Video: American bride dancing with her dog is the most cutest thing that you will see on Internet Today!


In Los Angeles, a bride danced with her favorite Pet Dog instead of her husband on the dance floor after marriage. During this time, all the guests who came to the wedding were surprised to see these two dancing. Celebrity Dog Trainer Sara Carson Devine recently married her fellow trainer John Divine and after the Wedding Ceremonies, she danced with her 7-year-old dog. Its video is increasingly getting viral on social media. Sara herself posted this video on social media. In the video, Sara and her dog-freestyle are doing dancing and there are many tricks in it.

In this dance video, you will see Sara’s friends and family are cheering for the bride and her beloved pet. You will be stunned to see the dance of these two. During the performance, Sara also made a hoop with her hands and hero jumped through it.

See the Video here:

Isn’t this video beautiful?

Today was a big day! –So happy to have Hero by my side through my life’s journey. We had a Super Devine night 💍👰

Posted by The Super Collies on Saturday, June 15, 2019

More than 2 million people have seen this Video:

Since the video was shared, it has crossed 2.49 lakhs views so far. Also, the comments on the video got flooded.

Sara told in an interview,

“We didn’t practice it, so I had no idea what to expect. We perform in international television and at live events all the time – this was more private and it was really different being surrounded by so many friends and family members. Hero goes to hundreds of events every year but I have a feeling he did know that this was pretty special,” Sara told the Daily Mail.

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