Unbelievable Love Story: They fell in love during the Second World War. They met again after 75 years.


In the movies and novels you must have seen and read many love stories, but today the love story we are going to tell you has happened in real life. A love story that is unbelievable. This love story will make you believe in true love.

It is said that true love never dies. When love is true and if you want someone with your heart, then you will end up getting your loved one.

Today we are going to tell you about a love story of Robbin and Jeannine. The two met for the first time in World War II. At that time, Robbin was an American soldier whose posting took place in a small village in France. During this, he was 24 years old. In this village, 18-year-old Jeannine used to live, with whom Robbin fell in love at first glance.

Robbin was looking for someone to wash his clothes, then for this work, he found Jeannine’s, mother. Robin and Jeannine slowly started meeting each other and both of them fell in love. Both of them also promised to stay together forever but then suddenly a big turn came in both the lives.

Robbin had to go to the Eastern Front due to the start of the war. Before going, Robbin told Jeannine that he would come back to take her. However, this could not happen. When the war ended in 1945, Jeannine waited for Robbin to return, but he returned to the United States.

Robbin later married a woman named Lillian in America. Then in 2015, his wife passed away at the age of 92. Here Jeannine also married in 1949 and settled the family. Despite all this, Robbin could not forget Jeannine. You must be surprised to know that Robbin has kept an old black and white picture of Jeannine for 75 years. So when he got interviewed by a TV channel in France, he told his incomplete love story. At the same time, he told the media that he wants Jeannine even today, so if they could help him in finding Jeannine then it would be very good. After this, a journalist discovered Jeannine and his family in a village a few days later. And then the couple made plans to meet each other once again after 75 years.

Jeannine turned 92, while Robbin is 97. During this time when they met each other for the first time, they hugged each other. When Robbin pulled out the old photo of Jeannine, she jumped happily. Years ago, he had promised that they would meet again and this promise was fulfilled today.

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