Troubles All Women That Are Married To A Mama’s Boy Can Relate To


Troubles All Women That Are Married To A Mama’s Boy Can Relate To
What is the most annoying part about being in a married relationship? When the hubby forgets the wedding anniversary? Or when he leaves the wet towel on the bed? Or when he carelessly forgets to put the toilet seat down? Or when he leaves the wardrobe messy? None of that! Infact, these don’t reach closer to the real issue. The trouble arises when the husband is way too influenced by his mother. Let’s get this straight, it just gets really difficult to handle after a point.

It influences you in various ways and you even start thinking, “I didn’t sign up for this!”. Infact, after a while, you will begin to realise that the regular interference starts negatively affecting he bond with your partner. But it’s wrong to put the entire blame on the mother and acknowledge the men’s fault too.

It all leads to the unloading of bag full of misunderstandings and complexities. Here are the issues that every woman married to a Mama’s boy can relate and that men can easily avoid creating.

• The never-ending comparisons annoy
“You cooked it well. But, when my mom cooks, it tastes so much better.” That hurts more than anything. The mama boys can’t really stop calling out for mama’ food. Sorry to break it to you, you are married man now and you live with your wife now. So every thing she cooks for you, she makes it with a lot of love and deserves appreciation.

With a ton of respect, your mum can be great cook and we aren’t arguing on that. But comparing it with what your wifey cooks is really unfair. You mama lovingly cooked for you all through your childhood so it’s alright to love the food she cooks. When you compare what your wife cooks everytime, it’s insensitive and mean. Dear men, praise the food your wifey cooks for you.

• Don’t expect the same motherly instincts and pampering from your wife
You are a mature man now! Your mom must have downpoured a real lot of love on you but expecting the same form your wife is not right. Mama’s boys often look up to their wives to fulfill their daily chores just the way their mom did. It simply shows how dependent your are on others. That’s definitely the wrong thing.