Trending: This App is trending on Social media. See how you will look when you will become old?


Anything can become viral on social media. Everyday we come across different things that we are not aware off. And social media is a platform where people share their views and comments across millions of people worldwide.

When i woke up yesterday morning, i went to my facebook timeline, and there i found something very interesting. And that was faces of people turned to their older versions.

A new App named FaceApp, everyone is using this app to make themselves look old. The app is also doing great work. The way this app make wrinkles appear on the face so closely that it does not seem to be fake. It’s working so well that even the person hiding age by coloring is not able to see himself old.

People are sharing the pics of their old look and getting many comments and views.

Earlier people used snapchat to look like a smal child. Now there is a new app in market which is grabbing everyone’s attention and that is FaceApp.

Well, everyone is getting crazy for this app. Do you also want to try? Then download FaceApp and use its filter to see the old you. But soon this craze will also end. so waiting for the next new app in the market.

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