Traveling to Orissa? Experience magic in this hidden glowing beach of Orissa.


Plan the next trip with your friends to this beach.

If you see then there are different places in India that are worth praising. Its natural beauty and everything can actually make you feel that you are on a different planet. For example, if you visit places like Himachal or Himalayas, you will be stunned by its amidst beauty.

India is known for its diverse culture, tradition, and people. People often visit India to see its beauty.

There are many iconic places in India that you must have not heard about and today we are going to make you familiar with one of the same.

When we talk about beach, our mind straight goes to “GOA”.

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But there are even more beautiful coastal shores (BEACHES) in the country. You must have seen the bright stars, moons, and fireflies in the night. The process of the glowing firefly is called Bioluminescence. Apart from the fireflies, many creatures shine.

Do you know that the shores also shine in the night?

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There are many creatures in the sea that shine like the fireflies. Many times they even come to the coast, and due to this the seashore also shines.

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There are such islands in the Maldives, Lakshadweep. In eastern India there is such another beach, in the Bay of Bengal. Situated on the beach in the inner Bhitarkarnika National Park, wonderful views are seen in the night.

Bhitarkanika: This Beach In The Bay Of Bengal Glows At Night

In addition to the shining seashore, there are many wonderful animals, plants that are found in this National Park.

Planning your next Vacation here? Here’s how to reach this place.

The nearest airport situated to this place is bhubaneshwar which is
60kms away from Bhitarkanika National Park. You can book a cab to reach this place. In 3 hrs you will reach this place.

From Kolkata it is 400kms Apart.

By Railways:

Rail Route – Railway stations near Bhatarnika National Park are Bhadrak and Paradeep. You can get many major trains running from Kolkata to Bhubaneshwar.

So what are you waiting for? Book your tickets and visit this place.

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