Few Traditional Dresses of India. Color, Tradition, Culture all Incorporated in Its Rich and Vibrant Form

Traditional Dresses of India

The land of diversity, India is also the embodiment of unity, with different cultures prevalent in different states of India. Each region has its separate identity with respect to language, food, dress etc. We have collaborated a list of few states of India and their special dresses which are stunning:

Few Traditional Dresses of India.

1 Assam 

Assam traditional dress

Rich in its culture North eastern state of Assam’s traditional attire is uniquely beautiful. Assamese women take pride in their traditional attire called mekhala sador which makes them look stunning and beautiful. It is made from lustrous silk variants; it is a two-piece ensemble which endows grace which is very fresh and enticing.

2 Punjab

Punjab traditional dress

It is one of the most colorful states, with its rich food and festivals which is full of energy and fun. The same reflects in their traditional dress. Where women wear colorful ghagra’s which is now replaced by colorful and more functional salwar suits. Patiala Salwar’s are very common in the state for women and men wear kurta and pajamas.

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3 Jammu and Kashmir

Jammu and Kashmir traditional dress

The traditional dress of Jammu and Kasmir is more like winter clothes as the terrains are cold. Like Jammu and Kashmir is known for its red apples, its traditional dress Is also an ensemble of colors.  Called as Pheran is common to men and women with some variations. 

4 Kerala

Kerala traditional dress, Traditional Dresses of India Source: pinterest.com

The state that is highly steeped in its traditions, the traditional wear of Kerala still rules the customs of the state. The women wear a traditional off-white sari with golden border which is called mundum neriyathum. Similarly, men only wear the mundu which is the off-white garment with golden border also called as lungi which they wrap around their waist. 

5 Andhra Pradesh

andhra pradesh traditional dress andhra pradesh

Much like any other state in India, even Andhra Pradesh has its traditional wear. The women wear handloom sarees, which is of rich texture and colour. The younger women wear a two-piece sari called a langa voni and the males wear kurta with a lungi.

6 Gujarat

Gujarat traditional dress, Traditional Dresses of India Source: travelblog.org

The state which is known for its vibrant colors and incorporating them in their culture. The women of the state wear chaniyo choli which is a three-piece attire. Whereas the men wear dhotis and kurtas or also called as  bandis with colourful turbans.

7 Arunachal Pradesh

Arunachal Pradesh traditional dress, Traditional Dresses of India Source: hinduscriptures.in

Another Northeastern state of India which is known for its tribal motif embedded folk dresses. The females wear a jacket over a sleeveless chemise. A belt keeps the chemise in place and a waistcloth called the Mushaik is wrapped around the waist. The men wear green lungis with red, white and yellow stripes over it. Paired with a sleeveless shirt.