Top self-improvement book that you need the most


    Trying to mentor yourself, realize your strength, and your weaknesses, but that couldn’t be possible without knowing what you are looking for, this is where the self-help books come in. That has made their market share of $1 billion today, which is growing continuously.

    Here you will find the mention of the top 5 self-help books of all the time:

    1. Think and Grow Rich- 80 million copies

    Think and Grow Rich, napoleon hill

    It’s a classic interview summary of top business moguls from all over the world, Napoleon Hill identified the similar habits of faith, persistence, smart work and also mentioned the things to eliminate like doubt and negativity.

    1. The Alchemist- 65 million copies

    the alchemist panlo coelno

    In this symbolic novel, Paulo Coelho attracts the attention of readers through a story. The story is about a young shepherd who travels in the pursuit of treasure, through an indirect message it highlights the importance of dreams and heartily wishes in the journey of life.

    1. You can heal your life- 50 million copies

    you can heal your life, louise hay

    Hay’s book that talks about the connection between mind and body, and that many sicknesses are the indicators of mental and emotional issues. This book tells how we can better our life with adoption of positive thoughts and behaviors, this volume is a source of physical, mental, and social healings for every soul. Released in 1984, it was a quick climber in the chart of best sellers.

    1. Rich Dad, Poor Dad

    rich dad poor robert kiyosaki

    Robert T. Kiyosaki emphasized on financial literacy in this book, one who is looking for a career and life security will find this paperback very fruitful, filled with a lot of strategy and understanding of investments.

    1. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

    the 7 habit of highly effective people stephen covey

    Stephen R. Covey’s this book draws attention to important practices for those who are trying to be better, in order to change one’s life he has to make an adjustment in his habits and perspective, this is the soul essence of this volume.

    These books are the guide, the pathfinders for all the people who find them lost in the worldly race, and maybe that is why the surveys show that one out of five book readers has read a self-help book.