This woman made an objectionable comment, saying, “Girls who wear short clothes must be raped!”


When a woman does not respect the other woman and says ‘girls like you should be rapped’ then what will you do? You may get angry after hearing this comment and you will also do the same which these girls of Gurugram did.

You must have seen this video of woman slut-slamming girls wearing short dresses. this incident took place in Gurugram, Delhi. Recently, the video of an aunt living in Gurugram has become viral very fast on social media. It is a tribute to the girls who wear small clothes in aunt video. Not only this, this mentality people believe that such incidents like rape happens in the country because of girls who wear small clothes.

A group of six girls confronted a middle-aged women who allegedly commented upon a girl for wearing a short dress. She said:

“Those wearing short dresses should be raped.”

Here is what happened:

“We had just ordered food and were waiting at the sitting area, when a lady in mid-fifties indecently signalled me to join her table. When I went, she pointed at my short skirt and gave me a lecture that she was uncomfortable with my legs. I immediately objected to her comment but she was unstoppable,” the young woman said.

She said there were a few men and a family having lunch at the other tables and they too were surprised when they overheard the conversation.

“Further, she went to the table where the men were sitting and said that due to dresses like this, rape cases take place in the country. Then she told them, if you see girls wearing short dresses, you should rape them instantly,” she said.

“The remark was highly objectionable and shocking. Hence, our entire group supported me and demanded public apology from her. She refused to apologise and also threatened to call police,” she added.

source: Business Standards

Many people and celebrities also responded on this shameful incident:

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