This millionaire girl is in search of a boyfriend, said “The one who will agree with my conditions, I will give him 60 lakh rupees”.


Money is a very big thing in today’s times, with which one can buy all the happiness of the world. If you don’t have money then you cannot fulfill any of your wish or dream. But if you have money then you can even buy a relationship.

Yes! you heard it right. Today we are going to tell you something interesting, that will amaze you. This millionaire girl is in search of a boyfriend who can agree on her conditions and in return she will give 60 Lakh Rupees.

This millionaire girl is in search of a boyfriend!

This girl named Jane Park, who lives in Britain, has many times fallen in love but got cheated everytime. The reason was that Jane did not have as much money as a British girl should have. Jane Park is very sad about this and she waited for a true love but she did not find one. Then one day she suddenly took a lottery ticket and in it Jane won crores of rupees.

Now Jane Park has no shortage of money and has announced through an advertisement that she is now looking for BoyFriend. Jane Park has kept some such conditions with her boyfriend, and if someone agrees with her condition, then she will pay 60 lakh rupees to that boy. So let’s know what are the conditions of Jane Park?

1. That boy should only love Jane and not her wealth, and he must remain loyal to her because the place of deception is no longer in her life.

2. Jane wants a boy who does not see any other girl except her. He only has to pay attention to his girlfriend and if Jane felt everything fine in 1 year she could marry him and will happily live with him for the rest of her life.

3. For him money should not matter, He must live happily with Jane and give lots of love as she want.

4. Jane who is going to open the business, want his full support and he should not cheat at all. Jane has been hated by the deception and now she can not bear the burden.

5. Jane Park will stay with her boyfriends for about 1 year and if they like them, they will marry them immediately and spend their life together. Apart from this, he will pay 60 lakh rupees for his personal items.

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