This man married a girl who came to him for a job, this is the world’s richest man’s love story.


Marriage is special for everyone. So they do everything to make their marriage memorable. Some people prefer a simple wedding whereas others go for a lavish wedding celebration.

You have heard about many weddings till now which will be worth crores. Recently, Mukesh Ambani’s daughter and son were married in which about billions of rupees were spent. Having a memorable marriage is everyone’s dream.

Today we are going to tell you about the love story of a man who married a girl who came to him seeking a job. And now he is the richest man of the world.

Jeff Bezos is the CEO of e-commerce company Amazon and his love story is very interesting. Jeff Bezos is going to be divorced with his wife Mackenzie Bezos, but when he got married he became an example of true love. On January 9, 2019, when this couple announced the separation from each other, this news became a headlines all over the world because their love story was very beautiful.

Besides Jeff’s wife Mackenzie, his affair was going on with a pilot and former anchor Lorraine Sanchez, and after that he announced a divorce to his wife. On April 4, 2019, Jeff and McKenzie agreed on their divorce decision, and this became news.

Jeff Bezos and Mackenzie’s first meeting took place at Jeff’s office, and after three months of affair, both of them got engaged. In 1993, Jeff married Mackenzie, and Jeff and Mackenzie had laid the foundation of Amazon in 1993. McKenzie has a hand in the real meaning behind Jeff’s success. The relationship between the two couples was so beautiful that in one of his interviews, Jeff said that he himself bought clothes of his choice for McKenzie and she also had to say the same about his husband. Apart from this, both of them enjoyed meeting newcomers. In fact, McKenzie came to Jeff’s company seeking a job, and Jeff had fallen in love with her in the first meeting.

After that both of them got married, while Jeff did not become so rich at that time. Both lived in a rented apartment, but today they can buy many apartments. McKenzie wanted to be a writer and she already liked writing about the places she hang out with her friends. During college, McKenzie had also done a waiter job to deposit her fees and her first book was Best Seller. While Jeff is busy with his business, McKenzie is busy writing books. Jeff also came to the headlines at the time when he had accused a journalist of threatening to print his and Lauren Sanchez pictures on a newspaper.

People are shocked with the news of their Divorce:

Jeff Bezos is 55 years old, while his new girlfriend Lauren Sanchez is 49 years old. Lauren Sanchez’s husband had introduced her with Jeff and Jeff and Lauren know each other for more than 14 years but are now tied in the relationship. Both of them had made friendships during a project and then they came so close that they began to love each other. After this, the two spent time with each other, and then Jeff told the matter of divorce with his wife Mackenzie in front of everyone.

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