This is the World’s most expensive vegetable. Do you know about it?


In todays’s world, everything is getting expensive day by day. Its very difficult for a common man to survive. One has to think twice before even purchasing a vegetable. If we compare the rates of the vegetables and fruits from last year then you will see a great difference.

World is developing and so is the prices of other goods are rising. Whatever you find expensive, the same thing seems to be very cheap for a rich person. In the midst of this gap between the rich and the poor, inflation shows all its colors, but today we are going to tell you the world’s most expensive vegetable, which will give you the sensation.

The prices of onions and tomatoes are often used to blow your senses or empty your pockets, but there is a vegetable in the world, the price of tomatoes and onion will also get faded. If you are asked about the costliest price of a vegetable, then your thinking will reach only up to 300rs/ kg and if you put more emphasis, then Rs.500/kg. If we say that there is a vegetable in the world, which is worth thousands of rupees per kilo, then you can get a thousand feet jerk, but yes! we are saying the truth.

World’s most expensive vegetable:

We are talking about the world’s most expensive vegetable, the price of this vegetable is 1000 Euro i.e. about 76,000 rupees per kg. It is not found in India, but it is found in abroad. This vegetable is found in the United Kingdom. Where it is sold at Rs. 76,000 per kg. Not only this, it is so special that people are ready to pay it more than Rs. 76,000 / kg. But demand for this vegetable is increasing day by day, so its becoming very difficult to fulfill the demand.

Name of this expensive vegetable:

The price of this vegetable is very shocking. Yes, this vegetable name is Hop Shoots. It specialty is that it is grown only in the month of spring. Also tell you that the new branches of this plant look like asparagus (Asparagus) plant. They are grown in the forest, so if they are not harvested soon, their twigs become thick, after which it can not be eaten. Its flower is very spicy in eating. People make vegetable of its twigs. Not only this, it grows up to 6 inches in a day in some moisture and sunlight.

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