This girl was born without Vagina. Doctors created an artificial one with a fish skin.


This girl was born without Vagina. Doctors created an artificial one with a fish skin.

In this era of technology nothing is impossible, in the last few years, science has made so much progress that every impossible thing has been possible. Especially in the field of surgery, day is heard about new inventions and surgery. A similar miracle has recently been seen, where doctors did the operation of a girl born without a vagina and gave her a new life by making a wax from the skin of the fish.

Not surprisingly, but such a unique operation has happened in Brazil. Where 23 years old Jucilene Marinho was born without Vagina, doctors conducted this unique operation and created an artificial vagina with the help of fish skin. Let’s know about this unique surgery.

Nothing Happened:

A Brazilian 23-year-old Jucilene Marinho, whose Vagina has been built with a fish skin. She was born without vagina. Because of this, she was often surrounded by depression. After surgery, Marinho had to stay in the hospital for three weeks. She told that she did not have any problem during surgery and all this was easy for her.

A doctor who performed surgery for using Tilapia fish skin said, “The fish starts working with the skin of the stem cell, after which by doing reaction, this fish skin works in collaboration with human skin to make cellular tissue. For this reason doctors used this skin to make the vagina, the skin of the fish had been tested several times in the lab and was cleaned well chemicals. So that all bacteria could die.

First Vagina Canal Surgery:

Marinho is probably the first woman in the world to have been made undergone vagina canal surgery. The doctor told that fish surgery is easy. This does not cause any kind of pain in the surgery. At the same time, there is no problem of any kind of marks or infections.

Can give birth:

You may be surprised to know this operation was done recently but it happened a year ago but by the time the news was not released, the operation would not successful. However, now the success of Operation can also be estimated from the fact that Jucilene is happy with this operation and is living her normal life. Due to her illness, Jucilene lived in depression for years. She said, I always used to worry that I would never be able to have children. I like kids very much. But now it is possible.

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