This can happen only in India. Funny and creative ideas that will make you ROFL.


India is the only country in the world where everyday you will see something new and interesting things. People of India do many experiments to make their life comfortable without spending much money. You must have seen different jugaad’s made by people that are too funny but are very creative.

Jugaad, After listening to this word, the first question in everyone’s mind is that if their is jugaad, then the work will be done. Where there is no technology, every work is done by Jugaad only. By the way, it is very easy for Indian’s to complete any work with their jugaad. More than half of us work through Jugaad only. Even though the world has progressed today, even today, we make some jugaad to finish some work before time. If there is a competition in case of Jugaad in the world, then all the awards will go to Indian’s only.

Today we are going to show you some of the creative yet funny “Jugaad’s”:

1. Wrapping Aluminum foil on your modem makes Internet speed better than ever.

2. What a Jugaad, to avoid this hot summer.

3. In front of this Jugaad technology to make coffee, the engineers of Silicon Valley also joins hand.

4. Who can even think of this Jugaad?

5. This jugaad is brilliant but the man is not aware that if someone has to stole anything then his both things will go.

6. Wow! This man uses his laptop in the best way:

7. Attention! Indian railways is our own property. Use it the way you want.

8. Who said there is no AC in General compartment:

9. Now this is called True Friendship:

10. Jugaad for this burning heat:

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