This 200 Crore wedding left behind 4000Kg Garbage. Turning the Hill Station Into a Dumping Ground.


Destination Wedding is no longer new to Indians. From many celebrities to high middle-class people, all prefer destination wedding. There was talk of such a high profile destination wedding in Dehradun in Uttarakhand for the past few days. Around 200 crores of rupees were spent for this marriage in Auli, Dehradun.

It was one of the grand weddings, where celebrities were also seen performing in the event. However, after the marriage ceremony, around 4000 kg of garbage was collected in Auli. Local municipal officials have no idea about how to dispose of this trash, and this question has been raised by the authorities and local residents.

This Lavish event left behind 4000kg Garbage, Turning the Hill Station into a Dumping Ground!

The wedding celebrations of Suryakant, son of Ajay Gupta, took place in Auli from June 18 to 20, while the marriage of Atul Gupta’s son Shashank was held from June 20 to 22. 

The Chairman of the Municipal Council has appointed 20 employees, two inspectors, one junior engineer and 10 additional employees in Auli to dispose of this trash. 

“Usually, dry and wet waste collected daily from all of Joshimath amounts to 20 quintals. Since weddings, it’s crossed 40 quintals daily. Most of it is from the wedding venue. Usually, only four workers are needed across Auli as it’s not very populated and doesn’t get so many tourists.” 

“The wedding has created a waste problem in the hill station. The garbage has surpassed 40 quintals (4000 kilograms),” one of the team members said. 

“Plastic packets and bottles are lying everywhere. Our cows go for grazing in the area daily. What if they consume plastic? Who would take the responsibility? The situation here is really pathetic,” a local told ANI. 

Many celebrities, including chief ministers, B-Town stars like Katrina Kaif, yoga guru Baba Ramdev had attended the wedding. Ramdev also conducted a two-hour yoga session at the wedding. Choppers were hired to ferry the guests. 

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