These Pictures Will Make Your Day. Guys Posting Photos in Girlish Pose.


These Pictures Will Make Your Day. Guys Posting Photos in Girlish Pose on their Instagram Profile.

Boys and girls are different in every aspect. The way they behave, act or do thing are completely different. Where girls love to ‘pout’, the same boys are crazy for their cricket matches. Where girls take a selfie of every mood in their phone, on the other hand the boys crave for a good picture.

From every mood to every style, from new fashion to old tashan photos, and then posting them with different hashtags on social media, has become a hobby of girls in today’s time.

By the way, boys are also not behind in this matter. Yes, you can say that girls are a little ahead of boys and boys are making fun of this matter on social media in a very unique way. That is why these pictures of boys are now getting viral fast on social media in girls’ poses which will make your day.

You also see These pictures shared on the Instagram will surely bring a smile on your face.

1. This is how guys roll on weekends:


2. Beard Hair Shot:

You must be thinking whats this!

3. Nice Pout:

Well, he tried a lot to match her.

4. What’s This?

This social media can make you do anything. Weird!

5.  What a Flexibility!

6. Well, Boys also celebrates their bachelorette Party. Then its not right making fun of girls!

Hope you enjoyed watching these funny pictures.

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