These 3 Celebrities are giving a tough competition to all the lovers out there. See the pics here.


We all sometimes try to copy the style of our favorite celeb. Sometimes we go out to find clothes like them, and sometimes they want to keep hairstyles like them. By the way, if you have to follow your favourite star, then follow some of those habits, which are giving a new and good lesson to the tomorrow’s generation.

Treating your women like a queen is the right example of a true gentleman. There are some couple who are a great example of love and relationship. But there are other people who don’t even know how to respect their women.

1. Mahendra Singh Dhoni:

A few days back, a picture of Dhoni and his wife Sakshi on social media was being shared. In this picture, Dhoni was sitting on the ground and helping his wife to wear the sandal. However, seeing this form of Dhoni, all were shocked and praised him. World has seen how great cricketer he is but today everyone witness his love and respect towards his wife Sakshi.

2. Ranveer Singh:

Everyone knows the love of Ranveer Singh’s for Deepika Padukone but recently Ranveer Singh had done something that a common man will think twice before doing. Actually, Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh had come to attend a wedding in Mumbai, where Deepika appeared busy meeting guests, while on the other hand, Ranveer appeared with Deepika sandals in his own hands. In the photo, you can watch Ranveer Singh catching Deepika’s sandals, while Deepika looks forward to meeting the guests.

3. Anand Ahuja:

Last year, businessman Anand Ahuja and Actress Sonam got married. Sonam’s wedding got a lot of headlines in the media, after which every girl must have dreamt of their marriage. Once again, Anand and Sonam’s pair remained a topic of discussion among the people.

After Dhoni and Ranveer Singh, Anand Ahuja also appeared tying the lace of his wife’s shoes. This moment was very special for Sonam, whose happiness can be seen on her face.

Imagine if such thing is done by a common man in place of these Celebs, then perhaps he would have heard many negative things. But these Celebs did not pay attention to all these silly things before lifting sandals of their wives or tying their shoes.

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