The Best Punjabi Dishes of All Time. Indulge In for Mouth Watering Dishes.

The Best Punjabi Dishes of All Time

One of the cuisines that is know all over the world for its variety and robust flavors is Punjabi cuisine. With vegetarian options like Sarson Ka Saag, Chole Bhature, Dal Makhni and Aloo Paratha. Meat lovers have not been left behind, the evergreen Butter chicken, Tandoori chicken, Amritsari machchi are the ones which hail from Punjab. 

The Best Punjabi Dishes of All Time

tandoori paneer

The home to Authentic Tandoori food, or food prepared in a tandoor (Oven) is Punjab. Though you must have heard Punjabis preferring chicken over fish. Fish is still their favorite but not in curries like other states but deep fried or grilled is what they prefer. 

Let’s find out the most popular Punjabi dishes of all time:

1.Mattar Paneer

Punjabi Dishes Mattar Paneer

Most popular vegetarian dish which consists of Peas and Paneer as the main ingredients and is prepared in a rich thick gravy. It is a specialty from Punjab but enjoyed all over India. Accompanied with flatbreads or rice. Uses an onion based gravy in the preparation and garnished with coriander in the end for a refreshing flavor.

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Tandoori Chicken: 

Tandoori Chicken

One of the most popular dishes all over the world. Its name is derived from a Persian word tannur which means fire. For the preparation chicken is marinated with yogurt, tandoori masala, cumin and then seasoned. Placed on a skewer and then put in a clay oven which cooks at high temperatures. 

Dal Makhani:

Dal Makhani

Even Dal Makhani is popular amongst all the lentil dishes prepared in India. Consists of Rajma or kidney beans and other lentils with urad being the other main ingredient. Prepared in hearty amount of ghee and slowly cooked in a tomato-based sauce. Makhani means butter so this is a dal dish which is buttery and creamy.

Chole Bhature:

Chole Bhature

If we are talking Punjabi food, then chole bhature is not to be missed.  This dish consists for bread which is deep fried and is fluffy. It is eaten with chole which is a dish made of chickpeas. 

Amritsari Machchi: 

Amritsari Machchi

It is a treat to all fish lovers and is sold on stalls in Amritsar. Pieces of fish coated in a batter and then deep fried to perfection. Accompanied with Mint chutney. And a sprinkle of garam masala on top with a dash of lemon juice makes this the most delicious Punjabi food.