Tamil Nadu woman finds her missing husband on Tik Tok after 3 years.


Are you on Tik Tok? Well, Tik Tok is the most trending app today where people gets famous in just a few seconds. Tik Tok has changed life of many people. Some became famous and some lost their life.

Today we are going to tell you about an incident that happened in Tamil Nadu. According to a report, a woman found her missing husband on Tik Tok after 3 Years. Yes! you heard it right.

It is being reported that in 2016, a person named Suresh had left his wife and two children and went somewhere. After this, his wife Jaya also went to the police to find out, but they also could not find any clue. At the same time, a relative of Jaya saw Suresh with a transgender on TikTok, after which she showed that video to Jaya. As soon as Jaya saw the video she recognized that the person is her husband and she gave this notice to Villupuram police.

According to the Police, Suresh left his family due to certain problems and started working as a mechanic in Hosur. He was also in a relationship with a transwoman who was in the Tik Tok video with him.

Staying away from home, he started working as a mechanic in a tractor company in Hosur. At the moment, after the counseling of Suresh and Jaya, both have been sent home.

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