Swiss Government is offering Rs.45 lakhs to the people for staying in this village.


We all have a dream to live in a picturesque destination. Just imagine, you are getting paid to stay in such beautiful location. How would be your reaction? There is a good news for all backpackers who loves travelling and exploring places.

This is not a dream, this is happening in reality. People are getting paid to relocate in this beautiful village of Swiss countryside. This stunning view and location is just so stunning that you just can’t resist visiting this place.

And a village where the government will give you 45 lakh rupees to settle here. Indeed, a family of Switzerland is being offered 53 thousand British pounds i.e. around 45 lakh 50 thousand rupees. According to the news, Mountain Village Albinen of Switzerland is struggling with people’s deficiency.

The families living here are attracted to urban life and are fleeing towards the cities. After that there are 245 people left in the village. In such a situation, the government wants people to be in this village.

Actually there are only seven families left in the village. Last year, three families had migrated from the village. The houses built in the village are lying vacant. There is no one to live here. There is also a luxurious church in the village. Due to the frequent escape of the people from the village, there are only 7 children left here. For this reason, the school in this village has also been closed.

Like India, there is a shortage of jobs in this village too. This is why people are forced to live in unemployment. Due to the low population in the village, the local authority has planned to invest large quantities to settle the families here. For which people under 45 years of age have been offered to settle with the family.

This Swiss village is located at an altitude of about 4265 feet from the sea level. The municipality president Beat Jost said that peace, beautiful sights and fresh air are the specialty of this village. The Authority has been offering the people coming to the village that they can buy the land and buid their house here.

Some Terms and Conditions have also been fixed for the families being shifted from the local authority to the village. Under this, there will be some rules and regulations of the family village who take advantage of subsidy. Under this, any family coming here will have to return the full amount if he/she leaves the village within 10 years. That is, it is easy to come here but it is difficult to go back.

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