Survey Revealed: Apart from Money, people also get happiness from this thing.


Every person wants a better life, where he can enjoy all kinds of comforts. He wants so much money that he will never have to compromise to fulfill his needs. To improve his lifestyle and living standards, he works hard every day to earn good money.

Some people say that everything can be bought with money, but the survey recently revealed something interesting. Everyone needs money but marriage is such a thing that is above everything.

Survey Revealed:

Those who give importance to only money in life were shocked and upset after reading the information related to relationships. A survey has been published in the Office for National Statistics, according to which people accepted that after the good health, people are happy with marriage. In the list of things people are happy with, they put marriage above the money. People chose marraige when asked what they would prefer most in theri life.

What do statistics say:

In this survey, life satisfaction of married people were more than 9.9 percent compared to those whose partner had died. Apart from this, married couples were 8.8 percent more satisfied than divorced people.

When was this Survey Made:

These surveys were completed in the UK from October 2017 to September 2018. It is worth noting that in one such survey conducted in 2011-12, people considered their job to be the biggest cause of happiness.

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