Study says: Long Distance Relationship brings more love in a relationship and brings partners closer.


When you fall in love with someone, then you don’t care whether he is of other caste or follows any other religion. But you try to see someone who stays and be with you all the time. But sometimes the sitution comes where you have to be in a long distance relationship. Which is very hard for everyone to accept and therefore, they end their relationship.

Study Revealed:

In a study done by a toy brand KIIROO, the researchers surveyed 1,000 adults who have been in a long-distance relationship and tried analysing the challenges and benefits of being in this setup. Also, 27 per cent of these participants were in a long-distance relationship from the very beginning and had never lived together.

Interestingly, 81 per cent of the respondents confessed that their meetings were a lot more intimate and special due to their long-distance relationship, and about 55 per cent said that the distance had actually made them feel closer to their partner in the long run.

Positive Effect:

Out of every 10 participants, about 69 percent of the people felt that they talk more about each other than staying away. Are you wondering how such a good bonding could have been possible among them? The credit goes to technology. After 88 percent of the people have geographical distance, technology has been instrumental in the strengthening of their relationship with partners. According to this report, a couple has an eight-hour call or video chat on an average of the week. Not only that they send about 343 text messages to each other within a week.

The study supports the saying, ‘true love triumphs all.’ If you are and your partner are in love, you won’t mind going an extra mile to keep your relationship afloat. “Indeed, our culture, emphasizes being together physically and frequent face-to-face contact for close relationships, but long-distance relationships clearly stand against all these values. People don’t have to be so pessimistic about long-distance romance,” said Jiang, one of the researchers.

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