Spike In Mental Health Cases In India, Blame COVID19 For It


The coronavirus pandemic has not only affected the lives of millions of people across the globe but also the world’s economy. To worsen the situation, another grave issue has came into light. Reportedly, there has been an increase in the number of mental health in our nation. As per a survey carried by out by the Indian Psychiatry Society, there has been a 20% rise in the number of cases of mental illness.

According to the survey, sadly out of every five indians one is suffering from mental illness.

The novel coronavirus has adversely affected our lives in more ways than it was expected. People’s mental health is paying the price of this severe disease.

Addressing the percentage increase in the mental health cases, 20% is definitely a spike in the number of mental health patients. Although we are trying our best to keep our things together, we should not avoid signs of trouble whatsoever. The human brain is indeed complex and we know less about the human brain than we know about the universe. It is tough to estimate how much and in what ways this pandemic is affecting our mental health.

According to the survey, there has been a 15 – 20 per cent increase in the number of patients suffering from mental health issues. What’s even more shocking is that this spike has happened in just one week. The reason behind it is the coronavirus. The problem of COVID19 pandemic is much more grave than any of us anticipated.

In order to combat the virus, the only known prevention is social distancing. To put it to work, the government ordered a nation wide lockdown for 21 days till 14th March. It is surely adding to the stress. People are concerned about maintaining their livelihood while many people have lost their source of income. From farmers to road side vendors to small business owners, the fear of being unable to sustain their livelihood is disturbing the peace of mind. This could be one of the reasons behind the sudden spike in the number of mental health cases.

We request that you don’t hold on to these issues rather talk about it. Try to reach out to therapists and share your problems. In case you need to reach out to someone, here are some helpline numbers that you could contact:

1.National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro-Sciences (NIMHANS) – 08046110007 (Indian government’s initiative)

  1. Fortis Exam Helpline – +918376804102
  2. iCALL – 022-25521111 / ICALL@TISS.EDU
  3. Sahai – 080-25497777 / SAHAIHELPLINE@GMAIL.COM
  5. Vandrevala Foundation – 1860-266-2345 /1800-233-3330 / HELP@VANDREVALAFOUNDATION.COM
  6. Samaritans Mumbai – +91 84229 84528 / +91 84229 84529 / +84229 84530 / TALK2SAMARITANS@GMAIL.COM