Sonu Sood Gets Candid In An Interview With Mumbai Mirror


Actor Sonu Sood who has been working tirelessly in helping to arrange the transportation facilities for migrant workers back to their native places, has said that there are still places in the country where people have no knowledge about the coronavirus pandemic.

In an interview with Mumbai Mirror, Sonu told, “It was so satisfying to see them happy and emotional that they are going home. We have been trying to put together a plan to send people to Odisha, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar among other places. We are in the final stages of putting things together for Ranchi and Bihar. The paperwork is in process. If everything goes well, we will try to send them today or tomorrow.”

“When I read about these doctors, nurses, policemen and other frontline workers performing their duties selflessly, I feel inspired. I know, it’s not my job as an actor. But If I do such things, others might also come out and help these people. I maintain social distancing and try to take all the precautions, sanitise again and again after a few minutes. When you interact with these people, they feel hopeful. They feel some people will be sending them back home. I think this might also give some hope to different governments and the people who are stuck. It might take some time but it will happen”, added the actor.

Previously, Sonu had offered his Juhu hotel as stay facility for frontline workers. He said, “It’s a different world now and it will be a very different world once we get out of it. We all have been hit badly in terms of work, finances, physical and mental health. We have to find a way to live in the circumstances. While one can crib and spend time scrolling on social media, another way is to help others. We can inspire a few more and honestly, together we can fight this thing. My day goes by coordinating things like transport for migrant workers, taking government permissions, organising food among other things. And I feel very happy and satisfied. If I was shooting, I wouldn’t have had all the time in the world. Now, that I have all the time, it is important to give that to the needy.”