Smelling Lover’s T-shirt Can Actually Improve Sleep


Do you suffer from insomnia? Having trouble in sleeping is very common. Infact, there are more than 10 million cases of insomnia every year in India. You don’t have to count sheeps to fall asleep. All it requires is your lover’s T-shirt. Yes, you read it right. All you need to do is wrap your lover’s T-shirt around your pillow and a good night sleep awaits you. The scent of one’s romantic partner can improve sleep.

Published in the Journal Psychological Science, the study states that the quality of sleep can be significantly improved by the scent of a romantic partner. Interestingly, it stands true whether or not you are aware of the presence of the scent. The co-author of the study Frances Chen from the University of British Columbia claimed, “A growing body of evidence has shown that close relationships are essential to our health and well being.”.

Reflecting on the matter, Chen further added, “But far less is known about the role of scent in relationships and social support processes. The current study provides new evidence that the mere scent of a romantic partner improves sleep efficiency,”

Other research has even shown the deep and evocative impact scent creates on the brain. However a direct connection between the two is yet to be demonstrated.

To understand the mysterious relationship between the way romance, sleep and scent work, the first step that researchers took was to one member of a heterosexual couple (relationship period more than three months) to wear a plain cotton t-shirt for 24 hours. During the session, the wearer was prohibited of eating spicy food, doing vigorous exercise and wearing perfume or cologne.

The t-shirt was later hermetically sealed and frozen. Later, the second member of the couple was given two identical shirts. One that was previously worn by their partner and another worn by a stranger or was scent free. When a participant used their partner’s worn t-shirt as a pillow cover, they experienced about nine additional minutes of sleep per night. Sleep efficiency increased which was measured using a wrist-worn sleep monitor that tracked movement throughout the night as per the study.