Simple Ways to Attract your Soulmate Into Your Life Using Law of Attraction


Positive thinking has the potential to transform your entire life. You can unlock this potential to find your soulmate.

Today I will share a technique that involves employing the Law of attraction to attract your soulmate.

Step 1: Keep what you want on the focal length
In our relationships, we often focus on the things that we don’t want in our partner rather than on the things that we want in our partner.

Be conscious of what you want in your partner. Align your thoughts with authenticity.

Step 2: Define your dreams

You are the captain of your ship. Your dreams don’t need anyone else’s opinion. But in order to achieve your dreams, you have to define your dreams.

Be passionate about your dreams. When you ask with determination, the universe answers your call.

Step 3: Establish an “ideal relationship” list

In order to activate the Law of Attraction in your love life, create a dream list of your ideal relationship.
It should represent what you want to be, have or want to achieve in your love life.

Here are steps that you can follow to make your ideal relationship list:
1) Build a T-cart for your ideal relationship-
Creation of T-cart is a very effective way to identify what you really want in your life by taking a look at the things that you don’t want in your partner.
Start by drawing a line that partitions the sheet. On the left column, mention “What I don’t want.” and the right column “What I do want.”

2) Cross the “don’t wants” off your list
Start to fill the chart. For instance: if you don’t want a lazy partner, write that down on the left.

Complete the list by filling the opposite on the right. When you are done with filling the list, go back and cross the “don’t want” column. Just the simple act of crossing the negative points evokes a positive feeling. Now just forget the left side and focus on the right side. Don’t pay anymore attention on the left side.