Best Simple Hairstyles to go with Ethnic Traditional Dresses in India

Hairstyles to go with Ethnic Traditional

Dolling up in a designer lehenga is never complete unless you accessorize, wearing the sexiest shoes, covered in makeup and on top of it all having your hair on point. Managing your hair is a big task and you need some invigorating efforts. After all you don’t want to look shabby and lose the charm because you didn’t give much attention to your tresses. 

Getting your hair on point is a big task for even beauty enthusiasts and even they can’t do justice with it. However, whether it is a wedding, a party to attend or any occasion, you would not want to go into a salon for help.

Here are some tips and tricks to ace your hair game and manage a superb hairstyle that is perfect for your attire.

  1. Low Hair Bun

Low Hair Bun

This hairdo has been seen almost everywhere from Bollywood Diwali parties to big weddings. This has caught the eyes of style squads. From Anarkali suits to designer saris, the low hair bun matches the celebrations perfectly. It will play right and powerful if matched with the right attire. Pair it with some white flowers on the low bun.

  1. The No Care braided obsession

The No Care braided obsession

For a no trick hairstyle and quick one to do, having a braided hair is just the right action at place. When you have no time to select and make a hairstyle then this no care braided obsession is a must. Messy hair is not a shabby look but if paired with a perfect braid, with this hairstyle you wouldn’t care much as it would still look ravishing. 

  1. Royal Hair Updo:

Royal Hair Updo

Don’t go on the name of the hairstyle, it is very simple and has nothing to do with royalty. All you have to do is curl your hair and manage the hair updo. This is another good style if you don’t have much time and still want brilliance for your hair. 

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  1. Half up half down curls

Half up half down curls

This style of half up half down hair has been around for quite some time and has always looked good. Very easy to do and calls for no fuss. This is the most preferred hairstyles when you have put on an Indian ethnic wear like sarees. First you need to curl up your hair and then take the front part of your hair and keep it in place with bobby pins and let the other half fall down.

  1. Ponytail Braid

Experimenting sometimes is very helpful and does the trick most of the time. Neatly braided hair is one of the most commonly adorned hairstyles in Indian festivals, just braid your ponytail into French braids or fishtail braids and this is paired very well with bridal salwar kameez and sarees.

  1. Multiple back Braids

Multiple back Braids

Braids is cool but multiple braids is cooler and this is the latest trend in hairstyles. It is being adorned by so many celebrities and the best experimentation that you will need. This is not so easy to do so you will need an extra hand or two. 

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  1. Neat Beehive Bun

Neat Beehive Bun

If puffs are your style then a beehive bun will do the magic for you. Any girl who would imagine herself in a princess makeover would be pleased with this hairstyle. Very simple to adorn, part your frontal temple hairs and bring them upward and hold them there with hairclips and the falling hair can be made into a mid-level bun. 

8.Fish tail braids

Fish tail braids

This is another trending hairdo which is not too complicated and is grabbing rave reviews from style divas, beauty bloggers and celebs. It is an obsession. This is a little intricate in the making, but if done correctly, it will stay in place and will match with any Indian attire you want to flaunt. 

  1. High Pony Tail

High Pony Tail

If you have curly hair, this isn’t for you but if you have straight hair or if you are okay with ironing your hair. Then tie your hair into a pony. Yes, it is that simple. It goes with all kinds of attire and will be suitable for all occasions.