Shubhangi Atre’s Reaction On Shilpa Shinde’s Allegation Of Copying Her In Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hain


Shubhangi Atre, the actress who replaced Shilpa Shinde to play the role of Angoori in the TV show Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par hain, has made a quite successful replacement. The audience accepted Shubhangi with open arms and have showered their love on her ever since then. The “Sahi Pakde Hain” actress recently joined ETimes TV for a live chat. Shubhangi opened up about on being compared to Shilpa Shinde, her journey as Angoori, and Shilpa’s allegations of copying her.

When asked about her journey as Angoori in the show, Shubhangi said, “When you play such a popular character and you get so much love from fans, it also brings a lot of responsibility with it. Now, I think I will have to cautiously choose scripts for myself. Now, I am part of Bhabi Ji and it is doing well, but in future I will have to choose my scripts very carefully. Also, now that I am home I keep thinking that when I will resume shooting what new nuances I can add to my character. I have a friend who watches a lot of Bhojpuri videos, so I take a cue from her. I know now I have become ‘Jagat Bhabhi’ because wherever I go people address me as Angoori Bhabhi. I sometimes feel that people should call me by my name also, but it’s fine such is the impact of my role.”

Shubhangi addressed the allegations of Shilpa Shinde of copying her, Atra told ETimes, “There was never a question of copying anyone. I was not playing Shubhangi Atre or Shilpa Shinde on-screen. I was essaying a character and it was written by a writer. I was enacting the lines, the mannerism that were told to me. Aisa toh nahi tha 10-12 mahine tak Angoori character ek tarike se bolti thi aur mere aane ke baad badal gayi… Angoori was a character.

When Shilpa played the role Angoori used to speak in Bhojpuri and spoke wrong English and that continued even when I stepped into the role, it will not change, it cannot as we both were playing Angoori on-screen. I was not copying Shilpa Shinde. I made sure that there is originality in the role when I portray it and everyone can see it. That’s why I got accepted by the audience.”