Shocking! Just After Sonam Kapoor’s Marriage, Kapoor Family Received Investigation Letter.


Shocking! Just After Sonam Kapoor’s Marriage, Kapoor Family Received Investigation Letter From Dubai For Sridevi’s Death.

Even after so many days of Sridevi’s ascension, the question related to her death is not yet cleared. Recently, an investigation agency of New Delhi has refused to accept Sridevi’s death as an accident. They believed Sridevi was killed under a conspiracy. Apart from this, filmmaker Sunil has also filed a petition in the Supreme Court that the investigation should be done again. However, the Supreme Court rejected Sunil’s petition on Friday. Sridevi was found dead on February 24 in a Dubai hotel.

There are many questions related to Sridevi’s death and it’s not yet clear how she drowned in the bathtub.

This petition was dismissed only after the letter given by the Dubai Police. The court said that the matter has been investigated and will no longer be investigated again. Sunil had alleged that Sridevi had died in suspicious circumstances and that is why he filed this petition.

The Supreme Court said that the investigation of this case has already been done by officers of India and Dubai Police. Therefore, it does not make sense to double check the matter. Let us tell you that the court hasĀ dismissed the two petitions related to Sridevi incident.

Sunil had directed the film ‘Game of Ayodhya’ in the year 2017. After which, he came to the headlines after putting a petition. Sunil is also an actor and director.

In March, Sunil had filed a petition while raising the issue of Sridevi accidental death. His petition was dismissed by the High Court. After this, he filed a petition in the Supreme Court, which was also dismissed by the Supreme Court.

According to Sunil, Sridevi was in Dubai at her last moment. Sunil claimed that the information he received from the hotel staff is very different from the family statement given in the media. So he filed this petition on the basis of doubt.

He said that Sridevi’s life has gone in mysterious circumstances and she is not a small heroine, but a Padmashri-honored actress. Therefore, this case should be re-examined and for this, He also launched the online petition campaign.

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