Shocking! These are the 6 Expensive Fruits of the world.


These are the 4 Expensive Fruits of the world. You Will Be Shocked After Knowing The Price.

Fruits have many untold health benefits. It not only keeps us fit but also protects us from many diseases. Whether you are doing fasting or going on a diet, people prefer having fruits as it contains many vitamins that are essential for our skin, hairs as well as for our body. There are many fruits which can cure diseases. Generally, fruits are more expensive than vegetables, because of which people can not eat fruits regularly. In some homes, fruit intake is regulated, whereas in most homes people consumed fruit once or twice a week. Here we have listed out the 4 expensive fruits of the world that you will think thrice before buying.

But there are some fruits that are so expensive that a person has to spend full earnings of his life to buy it. Yes, even though you are listening to it, it seems weird that how much the value of a fruit can be so much? But let’s tell you this is the truth. There are many fruits among us, whose prices are in crores and people also bid to buy them.

Here the 4 expensive fruits of the world:

1. Yubari King Melons

Yes, it looks like a normal melon but does not mistake it’s not an ordinary melon. This is one of the most expensive fruit. This fruit is from Japan and its price in Japan is 15 lakh 33 thousand rupees.

2. Pineapple:


This garden is located in England and is famous all over the world. A special kind of pineapple is grown in this garden. The price of this pineapple is Rs. 1,08,503.92. For your information, let me tell you that this special fruit takes two years to grow.

3. Ruby Roman Grapes


This special grape is grown only in Japan. You will be very surprised to know that it is the most expensive grapes in the world. The price of a bunch of this grapes is 2 lakh 66 thousand rupees. There are 30 grapes in the bunch. That is, a grape is approximately of Rs 8866.

4. Northern Territory Mangos


Who does not like MANGO. But when the mango is so special and expensive then people think hundred times before buying it. Let us tell you a pair of this mango sold in Japan is worth 2 lakh rupees. Its shape is similar to an egg.