Shocking- Human-sized Bats Found In Philippines, See The Viral Images


Let’s talk about the popular theoretical scenario: Would you rather fight one cockroach sized horse or 100 cockroach-sized horses?

Well, yes it might not be cockroach and horses but you got the point, right? The scenario is ever changing, however the general idea remains — whether it’s one human-sized cockroach vs 100 cockroach-sized humans, or one giant whale-sized snake vs 100 snake-sized giant whales, it’s always scary as hell.

Just the thought of having to combat a super-sized normally tiny creature is so horrifying. Now that the reason why everyone lost their minds when they found out that human-sized bats actually exist in real life.

Folks, we don’t have to imagine anymore how bats would look if magic actually existed. Human-sized bats are real and can be found in the Philippines. Yes, I said it.

Apparently, a Twitter used named Alex(@AlexJoestar622) shared two pictures of the humongous bat on his profile with the caption – “Remember when I told y’all about the Philippines having human-sized bats? Yeah this is what I was talking about.”

I know it sounds and looks too crazy to ever exist, it turns out that the news of existence of the giant golden-crowned flying fox is 100% real.

The giant golden-crowned flying fox is native to the Philippines. It has a wingspan of up to 1.7 meters or about 5′6″. They have a fox-like face and a distinct snout just like that of canines. They are colloquially called as ‘Fox with wings’. They also have golden-brown fur distinctly on their head. Other distinctive feature of these bats is the presence of pointed ears unlike other bat species that have round years. These bats can be found inside deep caves and rain forests.

It is an endangered species and thankfully they don’t pose any real threat to humans as they are frugivorous, like the common fruit bat (that’s a relief).

Even though human-sized bats sounds real cool, locals claim that the body size of the bat is “more or less like [that of] a medium-sized dog”.