Shocking! Do you know the salary of Salman Khan’s bodyguard Shera?


Do You Know the Salary Of Salman Khan’s Bodyguard Shera?

Our Bollywood Dabangg, Salman Khan is always spotted with his bodyguard Shera. Shera is always been in controversies for protecting Salman. His Bodyguard Shera is always with Salman Khan just like his shadow. In fact, Shera is in the spotlight due to his interview. Shera talked about Salman Khan’s heart in the interview.

Shera has been doing Salman Khan’s security since last 20 years. Recently, Sherra has given a statement about Salman Khan, which proves how close he is to Salman Khan. Shera said in the interview – ‘I will stay with my brother Bhaijaan (Salman) till my last breath.’ As long as I am alive I will be with my brother.

Shera said that he never stand behind Salman. He always stands before Salman and tackles every problem from coming to him. Shera was searched by Salman’s brother Sohail Khan for Salman. During a party in 1995, Sherra met Salman Khan and Sohail Khan. After this Salman Khan went to Chandigarh once, where he was badly trapped in the crowd. Then Sohail thought that Salman Bhai needs some good bodyguard. Then Shera came into his mind.

According to the media report, Shera gets a salary of Rs 15 lakh per month for Salman’s 24-hour security. Shera also opened a company called ‘TIGER SECURITY’ in 1993. Sohail contacted him and asked him, ‘Will he be with bhaijaan always?.’ Then Shera quickly replied without thinking, ‘yes’.

In an interview, Shera said,

‘The boss is everything for me. He is my God. I am with him always where the boss go I would not allow him to go alone. ‘

Shera’s real name is not Shera, He is Gurmeet Singh Jolly. Shera belongs to a Sikh family. In childhood, he did not feel like taking a lot of education. As soon as he finishes school studies. He started paying attention to making their body from the beginning. Many times Shera has also gone to jail for Salman Khan. He has a special relationship with Salman Khan’s family which will always be there.

Shera has a son. Whose name is Tiger. Salman considers Tiger as his nephew. According to reports, Salman is preparing to launch Tiger in Bollywood. Tiger has assisted many filmmakers right now. He is learning the minute skills of acting.