Shocking: 51% Employers Judge A Job Seeker Based On His Looks, As Per A Study


There are a number of descriminations that are prevalent in workplaces. Be it gender-based discrimination or unequal pay, most of us have faced it some time in our lives. But did you know that your appearance is always judged by an employer in a job interview? Yes, it might be shocking but as per a new and interesting study, more than half of the employers judge the applicants based on their looks.

1) Look the part – Your appearance as a professional is important

The research analysed how an employer is influenced by the appearance of an applicant, analysed around 1,000 hiring managers and bosses in the United Kingdom. To our surprise, about 90% of the employers admitted that having a professional look for the applicant is a vital factor. They confirmed that it played a key role in the hiring process.

2) Hide those tattoos for the interview

If you are going to attend an interview, it is advised that you hide your tattoos, because as per the research, 43 per cent of employers admitted that they rejected candidates because they had tattoos. A good 40 per cent of employers that participated in the study said that they judged the candidates based on what they wore and 30 per cent even said the hair color of the employers was also judged.

3) Age is a factor

Even though candidates are judged based on their looks, how would you react if I told you younger candidates are preferred? According to the study, 57 per cent of employers didn’t mind the looks as long as the applicant is younger than 24 years of age.

Here are some tips to follow in order to look professional in an interview:
For males:
• Men should prefer full-sleeved shirts and if you really want to go for a half sleeved shirt, make sure that it’s formal.
• Your shirts and trousers must be well-ironed.
• Clean and shining are a must.

For females:
• Opt for a formal shirt and pair it with a pant or a skirt.
• You can also wear a saree with a blazer or a kurta set.
• Keep your make-up and accessories minimal.