Say Bye Bye To Your Ex Forever With These Easy Tips.


Say Bye Bye To Your Ex Forever With These Easy Tips. Ctrl+Shift+Del.

Love is a beautiful feeling. If you fall in love with someone who also loves you deeply with full care and affection then you are very lucky to have that person in your life. You can say that in this generation people do not take relationships seriously.

You must have experienced, a better person can change your life and make it very beautiful. But there are many bad relationships which can actually ruin your life. You will get nothing except stress, tension, hatred and bad dreams. Being in a relationship is not an easy task. It comes with great responsibilities too. One should be true in their relationship. If you can’t afford love and trust then you should never commit your love to anyone.

Because having a heartbroken is the worst feeling in this universe. There comes a time when you feel the relationship that you were taking so seriously is of no worth because the person you love does not feel the same for you. So it’s better to move on than to have a fake and bitter relationship. Just remember compromise there where you feel you both can together make it work. One-sided effort can never make your relationship strong.

Although it is true that even after moving forward in life, the memories of the past often do not leave us behind. For this reason, the encouragement to move forward becomes less. Even remembering the moments you spent together fills us with anger, hatred, revenge, remorse and similar negative thoughts.

1. Block Him/Her From Everywhere:

We all have a habit of stalking our Ex. Yes! It’s true. Well, be it’s me or you, we all want to know what our Ex is doing in their life. Stalking and seeing your pictures of him/her can really make your sad which can lead to depression. People suffer a lot after their breakup. Yes! Its hard to move on. But you have to. The best way to do it is to block him/her from everywhere. From Whatsapp, other Messaging apps, Email, etc. Once you have moved on, you should never look back. You should also delete all the photos.

2. Stop Stalking!

When relationships get spoiled then it is better that you must keep the maximum distance from them. However, nowadays virtual work is a bit difficult because through social media you keep an eye on every move of your ex. It is important to stop peeping into their profiles. Delete and block them from your friend list. You should not stalk your ex and what they are doing in their life, its none of your concern. This will spoil your mind and you will feel bad.

3. Delete His/Her Contact:

When you are not in the relationship anymore then it’s of no use to keep his/ her contact on your phone or anywhere like a diary, notes, memos, etc. It’s better to permanently delete his/her number from your life.

4. Delete All The Pictures:

After blacklisting the contact and blocking on the social media, it is better to delete every single photo of the memories. This will not only create space in your mobile but you will also get a chance to relax and you can create new memories also.

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