Sarfaraz Ahmed got trolled for wearing a Salwar to meet the Queen. But Indian Twitter Defends him.


If you are a fan of cricket, then you must be aware of the current trending news. Before the beginning of ICC World Cup 2019, captains of all the 10 participating team met Queen Elizabeth and Prince Harry at the Buckingham Palace on the 29th of May.

As you can see in the picture, all the captains including Virat Kohli all were dressed in formal suits. Whereas Sarfaraz Ahmed was spotted in his national dress, Salwar and with a blazer.

As we all know, different people have differnt views on his attire, but Sarfaraz did not regret wearing a salwar to meet the Queen. Many people praised his attire.

On the other hand, some people didnot liked the way he was dressed.

But Indian’s supported him for showing respect to his tradition:

Sarfaraz was proud of wearing the national dress!  

“I was proud that I was wearing our national dress, while all other captains were dressed in suits. “

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