Do You Know? These Two Actors Are The Fittest Actors Of Bollywood.


Salman Khan and Tiger Shroff are the Fittest Actors Of Bollywood. Said- Jacqueline Fernandez.

We all know that Salman Khan has only brought the trend of bodybuilding in Bollywood. He was training for his body for a long time. And other actors follow him. Today, before entering any Bollywood movies, actors try to get a perfect body by hitting the gym and then they make their entry in Bollywood. The best examples are Tiger Shroff and Salman Khan who have a perfectly toned body.

Tiger Shroff is not only a good actor, a good dancer but he is also a fitness freak. Recently, he was seen in Baaghi 2, you must have seen his fitness. Right?

The fittest actor in Bollywood

Apart from this, Salman Khan is now at a halt of age when people stop working hard.

In the recent release Salman Khan’s Tiger Jinda Hai, Salman Khan removed his shirt and people became the fan of his fitness. This is the reason that Jacqueline talked about this.

Jacqueline has done a film with both Salman Khan and Tiger Shroff. With Salman Khan, Jackie was seen in the film Kick and now she is going to be seen in Race 3. With Tiger Shroff, she has starred in the movie Flying Jatt. There are no two opinions in it that both Jackie knows much about the stars and spend too much time with them.

Jacqueline is considered extremely fit in the industry, so when asked whether there is added pressure to maintain that, she said: “Yes. There is a lot of added pressure actually. But sometimes I enjoy added pressure because it actually gives more incentives to kind of keep staying fit.”

She also said she considers actors Salman Khan and Tiger Shroff as the fittest actors in Bollywood.

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